Kimi Räikkönen Stencil

Exhibition during the event for Burn/Lotus in Varadero Barcelona.One of the pieces was the stencil portrait for the finnish racing driver.Was a pleasure to meet the artist M-City who did the car with his amaizing style. Big up bro!


I would like to share the mural for the instalation that we've done for the last pop-up store of G-shock in Barcelona. You can check it out till 15th of june at Ribera 5 Street into Borne neighbourhood (Barcelona) 4x4m acrylic brush and pens.


We want to share the progress of third day painting a big mural on the Numancia street in Barcelona. Illustration and calligraphy for Salvador Espriu.Nados,Kram and Inocuo will giving you soon more of this process.


First anamorphical mural.Is an effect to force the ovserver to an unique point of view.We are going to put more pictures of the final piece soon...


Stencil portraits big format.


Restyling skull and bones of Bucanero Tattoo Studio.

Inocuo Calligraphy

For the Lírico’s merchandising we created a calligraphic composition starting from scratch, which recreated one of the sentences from his new album. Here are some images of the process.

Inocuo & Dj Helios at CaixaForum

Responsible of Inocuo and Dj Helios for “DNIT Caixaforum” Graffiti is the most actual symbol of the urban art. The digital version turns it on the new technologies symbol. A participative activity in the framework of the Piranesi’s exhibition, where the visitants could paint graffitis on the building’s walls, like the artist did on his paintings

Organization: Arts Moved
Photos: Isolda Delgado
Software: GRL, Agent Watson, Bennett4Senate and Huib Van Der Werf


This illustration was a gift for the interior design studio’s  inauguration named La Granja. 1.50x70cm, pencil and acrylic on MDF


Here we show you the process that lead us to realize one of the images included in Lírico’s artwork. Starting from a front photograph of the artist, we accentuated intentionally the lights and shadows, then we created a vectorial illustration, which was then crafted on wood using a crafting numeric control machine.