Special edition made ​​to commemorate the 5th anniversary of MISCELANEA.

Box-book contains 20 silkscreen limited edition of 200 copies of Ilia Mayer, Manu Griñón, Juju's, Escif, V studio, Gastón Liberto, Andrea Luschi, Camille Lavaud, Quitolomalo, Joaquin Jara,Andrea Michaelsson BTOY, Zosen, Sakristán, Marco Zamora, Mr. Case & Olivia, Comte d'Urgell, Emil Kozak, Martin Allais, Inocuo and Gamebombing.

In addition to a commemorative book (in spanish, catalan and english) with the reflections of Lluc Mayol, Julio Arriaga, AishaPrigann, Marta Puigdemasa, Abraao Vicente, Emilie Hallard,Eva Villazala, Alex Brahim, Rigo Pex, Enrique Doza and MISCELANEA Crew , along with a selection of photos taken over 5 years.


Inocuo The sign has appeared in the newest edition of the typefaces book “Hand to Type” of Gestalten. Along with the Works of Tagbangers, La Mala Rodríguez, Del Mural Art and Inocuo’s exposition “Sandeces”.


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