Inocuo The Sign is a communication studio based in Barcelona with a long professional trajectory in design and creation in all formats, from printing to cross-media, motion graphics, web or 3D animation, both at national and international level.

The studio emerged with the aim to create its own recognisable style but as it’s matured, it has moved to a continuous evolution, which allows us to look at communication from wider perspectives.

Experience has taught us that there are new things to be learnt everyday and that each project is a new challenge, which requires special attention both in the process, which we consider very important, and the final result.

The passion we have for our work along with experimentation in the creative processes have become this studio’s stamp, the DNA of a project that started 7 years ago and that keeps working both for big companies such as  Nike, Volskwagen, Audi, Tv3, Adidas etc. and for smaller, but equally important ones.

Inside our structure not all projects are commercial, Inocuo The Sign Team is continuously seeking new proposals, new ways of communicating, new formats, using technology as an indispensable tool, but of course without forgetting the artisanal processes that lead us where we are now and that continue to be an essential part of this project's DNA.