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The town's hundred most important historical moments immortalised in an impressive work. 
A temporal line captured in a work of 100 metres long and 1.5 metres high.  With the support of Badalona's town council and with the proclamation of the town as capital of Catalan culture, the project was conceived to develop a monumental work which devotes, immortalises and shows the world Badalona's 100 most important historical moments.
The 100 moments were collated by renowned historians of the city and each milestone was transformed into artistic images by a different design studio.  The 100 studios were chosen for their talent, creativity and professionalism, since they are the most well-known in the international scene.
The mural was exhibited for the first time in May 2010, before migrating to different towns and cities.

Modernism or Art Nouveau (the style characterised by Gaudi), has some interesting examples in Badalona, undergoing renovation. Also of note is the Badalona-born architect, Joan Amigó, a second-generation modernist, occasionally influenced by the more rectilinear style of Sezession.

Idea and Organisation: BROTHERS with the support of Badalona town council.