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We produced the entire graphic campaign for Adidas in Japan for the presentation of the new Asian kit for the 2010 South Africa World Cup.

The principle motif adorning the shirts in the new kit were feathers, a clear reference to the crow, a bird that represents Japan - why we chose to work mainly with this motif. We illustrated an assorted quantity of feathers so as to have the maximum number of combinations at our disposal when it came to the final graphic application.  As well, we created various illustrations of Japanese fans and flags featuring the crow as the main anagram, all separate to be able to distribute them in different ways depending on the application and their respective requirements.  Finally, we illustrated the star player of the Japanese team (Nakamura), which was used for some campaign materials.

Vinyl wall decals for shops, displays and cars, opis, posters, folders, promo dvds, promotion in the stadium at friendly Japan team matches, press and written media, among others, acted as support for this campaign.  We also developed style frames and the storyboard for a video viral used in online promotion.