2013 MIXX


The logo itself expresses who we are, the human condition, the nature that makes us keep growing, upgrading. Energy - from the primitive early drawings to communicate to each other till the beautiful energy style of the calligraphy, respecting the past and looking to the future. Interconnection — the shape is simulating the DNA chain, the connection as a generator. Pin — the verticality of the logo is sharing the essence of the flag, the pin, the place to be — what MIXX is. Twist — taking creativity mixed with technology as a fact, technology and interactivity give us the possibility of no physical location: everywhere, anytime, twisted in a cuantic dream. And at the end, what MIXX is intending to be: aplace for the evolution, full of energy, where people are connected from all over the world to twist what creativity, technology and interactivity are”.

Video created by Diestro.tv

MIXX is the largest conference of interactive advertising industry in several countries organized by the local branches of The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) annually. IAB is the world's leading industrial association of digital markets.